Office and Desk Workers’ Back Pain Risks

If you don’t work in an office, it may be easy to take a sneer at office workers who complain of lower back pain. This may be especially true for professionals who work in high risk back injury environments, such as construction workers, nurses, caregivers, or anyone who might fall or lift heavy objects on a daily basis.

The truth however, is that despite office workers sitting at a cubicle day in and day out may not seem hectic – to you, this constant sitting can take a toll on the back, and lead to chronic lower back pain. If you’re an office worker who sits for up to eight hours a day, here are some tips to prevent injury, or minimally invasive spine surgery. This is very common these days, among back pain sufferers. To take a prevention is better than cure approach:

Take frequent breaks.  Go to the restroom at several intervals or make room for a coffee break. Moderation is key when it comes to any form of activity or suggestion. That extra cup of java may indeed be your gateway to getting over a sluggish afternoon slump of exhaustion. Since siestas aren’t allowed in this corner of the world, this suggestion has dual benefits – which are a cup of rejuvenation, and a ounce of prevention from back pain.

Other recommendations include standing when you can. You can also purchase an ergonomic chair or pillow to help with your posture. As a final note, creating an exercise routine helps balance the pressure of sitting all day.