Needing to Find a Spine Surgeon

My husband is a teacher and spends most of this time on his feet all day.  He has begun to develop some serious pain in his back.  Now we have began the process of searching for Spine Surgeons in our area.  We never thought that this was something that we would need to do for him.  He has always been very healthy but recently things have started to look different.  He was in so much pain that he finally decided to go see a doctor.  We had not realized the severity of the damage to his spinal cord until his initial appointment.  My husband’s quality of life was quickly deteriorating.  That is when his doctor recommended that we look into several options for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.  We were not previously aware that this was even an option so we were thankful for the possibility.  We continued with our search and research of options for his surgery and quickly settled on a doctor and a clinic for his procedure.  We were so thankful that there were even options to choose from, but even more thankful for the final option we chose and the doctor who is going to perform the procedure itself.  We know that my husband has so much more of his life to live.  He wants to continue on teaching for several years to come.  We have so many plans for our future that will depend on his back being healthy again.  For now, our plan is to get him on the road to recovery so our future is a possibility.