Counseling for Teenagers

The word “teenager” alone carries more emotional baggage than nearly any combination of letters in the English language.

Most of us have mixed memories about our teenage years.  Of course, many of us are still teenagers in our minds, despite what the years have changed on our features.  Sometimes, the memories from those years leave emotions behind that cause us undue grief, and can impact our daily lives.

Counseling services can be the answer to this turmoil.  As a teen, counseling can be a tool for one to release the difficult emotions that come with teenage changes.  The angst that I kept from being teased during my teenage years took a lot of talking to let go.  I felt persecuted in middle school and high school because of my weight, and because of difficulties at home, I had no constructive outlet for that emotion until I started a teen counseling program.

My counselor was a nice lady, but it took time for me to warm up enough to talk about my serious emotional troubles.  At the time, I could not adequately describe all of my emotional turmoil.  It was not until recently that I was able to do that, thanks in part to God, and in part to a counselor.  The combination of the two was what finally revealed my problems to me in  a way that I could constructively dispel the issues and turmoil they were causing within my mind.  Emotions are tricky, the impact that they have cannot be perceived visibly in most moments, but the scars can last a lifetime if you never share the burdens.