Breathalyzers: Fun, Practical, Necessary

There are several reasons to have personal breathalyzers, and today, I’d like to list those and explain why I feel they are valid for their own respective reasons.

1. A Conversation Starter at the Bar (Fun): I feel this is probably one of the primary reasons people buy portable breathalyzers.  It is so incredibly easy to walk into a bar with one of these devices and attract the attention of everyone drinking in the whole building.  Suddenly, we are all competing for the high score and you end up letting the right people win, and your night turns out better than you could have ever dreamed.  I do not think this happens often, but the glamorized image I’ve described is what these people are looking for.

2. Avoiding DUI’s(Practical): This is obvious as well.  If you can drink just enough to stay under the legal limit for DUI, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.  The personal breathalyzer makes that possible! I do not advocate using this to get as close to the limit as possible, then going and driving.  Instead, I would use it as a way to decide whether or not you are sleeping in your car, or getting a cab depending on your situation. Either way, you can definitely use this to avoid DUI’s effectively.

3. Because you need it(Necessary): If you need to carry a breathalyzer to ensure that you do not overdo it every time you drink, you should probably stop drinking.  If you need the device because otherwise you will drink till you pass out every time you touch the stuff, your problem is a lot more than a breathalyzer can solve. Please get help, for yours and your family’s sake.  It’s never too late to change.