Spinal Stenosis Treatment: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

minimally invasive spine surgeryMany people suffer from spinal stenosis as they grow older, dealing with symptoms of nerve pain and incontinence makes their daily lives more difficult.  Thankfully, neurosurgeons have perfected the process of minimally invasive spine surgery to help people with stenosis restore their mobility and continence. Life can be hard when you do not know when you are about to go to the bathroom, and resolving your spinal stenosis can take that pain away.

The symptoms of spinal stenosis are well documented; Aches, pains, numbness and tingling of the extremeties are all symptoms common to spinal stenosis.  These symptoms are common of many issues, most of which will be followed back to a spinal problem.  Neurosurgeons spend their entire time in school understanding the nervous system response to stimuli, and pain is one of those responses.  They understand the numbness and tingling better than anyone could.

Neurologists and neurosurgeons are the foremost experts in the medical field on the central and peripheral nervous system.  They know how our nerves respond to stimuli and how to diagnose and treat the problems that arise when nerves are impaired in any way.  They spend years in school learning about how the mind functions in tandem with the body and how to repair those connections if they are broken.  Neurosurgeons are probably the most studied and diligent doctors we have, simply because new discoveries are being made about the human mind on an almost daily basis.  I cannot count any large interval of time between every news story I hear about an amazing discovery of the power of the human mind.  If you are interested in learning more about neurosurgery and neurology and live in the Denver metropolitan area, you should call:

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Office and Desk Workers’ Back Pain Risks

If you don’t work in an office, it may be easy to take a sneer at office workers who complain of lower back pain. This may be especially true for professionals who work in high risk back injury environments, such as construction workers, nurses, caregivers, or anyone who might fall or lift heavy objects on a daily basis.

The truth however, is that despite office workers sitting at a cubicle day in and day out may not seem hectic – to you, this constant sitting can take a toll on the back, and lead to chronic lower back pain. If you’re an office worker who sits for up to eight hours a day, here are some tips to prevent injury, or minimally invasive spine surgery. This is very common these days, among back pain sufferers. To take a prevention is better than cure approach:

Take frequent breaks.  Go to the restroom at several intervals or make room for a coffee break. Moderation is key when it comes to any form of activity or suggestion. That extra cup of java may indeed be your gateway to getting over a sluggish afternoon slump of exhaustion. Since siestas aren’t allowed in this corner of the world, this suggestion has dual benefits – which are a cup of rejuvenation, and a ounce of prevention from back pain.

Other recommendations include standing when you can. You can also purchase an ergonomic chair or pillow to help with your posture. As a final note, creating an exercise routine helps balance the pressure of sitting all day.

Needing to Find a Spine Surgeon

My husband is a teacher and spends most of this time on his feet all day.  He has begun to develop some serious pain in his back.  Now we have began the process of searching for Spine Surgeons in our area.  We never thought that this was something that we would need to do for him.  He has always been very healthy but recently things have started to look different.  He was in so much pain that he finally decided to go see a doctor.  We had not realized the severity of the damage to his spinal cord until his initial appointment.  My husband’s quality of life was quickly deteriorating.  That is when his doctor recommended that we look into several options for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.  We were not previously aware that this was even an option so we were thankful for the possibility.  We continued with our search and research of options for his surgery and quickly settled on a doctor and a clinic for his procedure.  We were so thankful that there were even options to choose from, but even more thankful for the final option we chose and the doctor who is going to perform the procedure itself.  We know that my husband has so much more of his life to live.  He wants to continue on teaching for several years to come.  We have so many plans for our future that will depend on his back being healthy again.  For now, our plan is to get him on the road to recovery so our future is a possibility.

BNA Surgical Associates

The Denver and Boulder areas of Colorado are home to a number of recreational areas that provide physical and strenuous activities to those who seek them. Many residents of the Denver and Boulder areas lead an active lifestyle, taking part in activities such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, and skiing. These activities provided a level of enjoyment and excitement to those who partake but they also come with substantial risks of injury. Physical outdoor activities can often result in accidents causing severe pain and injury. One of the most commonly injured areas is the area of the back or neck. If you or a family member has sustained an injury to the area of the back, neck, or spinal cord you should visit the trained medical specialists at the Boulder Neurological and Spine Associates for a full diagnosis and recommendation for treatment.
Accidents can occur at any time and it is important to be prepared for such an event. Performing proper research and finding a medical specialist that you trust to care for you is an important task. As there are a number of talented medical specialists in the Denver and Boulder areas this can quickly become an overwhelming task. However a majority of residents will recommend the qualified team of medical specialists at Boulder Neurological Spine and Associates. Their team of talented specialists can address your injuries or pain in a professional and time efficient manner. Whether you require rehabilitation through constant physical therapy or a medical procedure such as minimally invasive spine surgery they will have you on the path to a full recovery in no time at all.

Painful Sciatica

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with sciatica you know that it can be a very serious and painful complication that affects the nerve roots located in the back of the body. Our backs are a crucial component of the human body as a whole and sciatica can manifest itself in a number of painful and debilitating ways. Sciatica can arise as a result of serious injury or daily strain but its severity warrants quick medical attention from a trained specialist who can not only diagnose the problem but also recommend a method of treatment. The Denver and Boulder areas offer residents a number of experienced and skilled medical specialists who have dealt with all kinds of back injuries and are experienced in the most state of the art treatments and procedures.
Pain as a result of Sciatica can be a hindrance on daily activities and physical tasks that must be completed as a part of your job our household routine. With so many clinics and private practitioners to choose from it can often seem like an overwhelming process to choose just one in the Denver and Boulder areas. Properly researching professionals who specialize in the area you need addressed, such as minimally invasive spine surgery , will yield better results in the long run. By employing the services of an experienced and skilled Denver or Boulder area medical specialist you will be ensuring that the care of your body is in the best of hands and you will be on a speedy path to recovery. Entrusting the care of yourself to medical specialists that you trust is an important part of any healing process.

Lower Back Stretches For Men

  Men have just about as much back pain as women do. Typically, they get pain in their back because of over-exertion or heavy lifting. Men usually start to wear a back brace as they get older because it becomes difficult for them to move around and work. If you have this problem, there are a few stretches that you can do in your downtime to help with that pain. However, if the pain persists after doing these stretches or because worse in nature after doing a few of these stretches, you will want to contact your doctor. Typically, back pain is nothing to worry too much about because we all go through aches and pains. However, there are certain times your should consult your doctor. One of those times is when your pain becomes more severe and lasts for more than a week. Spine Surgeons usually think about doing a minimally invasive spine surgery when pain becomes too unbearable. You may not need surgery. You just might need to stretch out your back really well on a daily basis. To do this, you can start stretching before you even leave your bed. All you have to do is sit up, swing your legs over the side of the bed and arch your back as far as you can while bringing your hands up over your head. This will help to give your back a really great stretch and by doing this every morning, you are preventing the back pain you would normally feel throughout the day.