A Long Ride Home

My wife and I were driving home from a football game one night when I was pulled over.  We had spent the evening downtown going out to eat and getting some drinks.  After that we met up with our friends to tail gate before the game started.  We had a lot of fun at the game and really enjoyed our time with our friends.  We were excited to cheer on our home team, especially since they were the underdogs for the game.  They have had a few wins this season so we were excited to see them live for the first time in several years.  When the game was over we had honestly thought that it had been long enough since we had had anything to drink, so we got in the car and drove home.  We were enjoying our conversation and had not hit much traffic.  It was then that I got carried away with my speed and was pulled over.  The police officer decided to give me a breathalyzer as well and it turned out my blood alcohol levels were higher than I thought they would be.  My wife was amazing and has helped me through the whole ordeal.  She helped me find a Denver criminal lawyer who has a good reputation.  It turns out he is a Denver DUI lawyer as well.  My wife got appointments set up with him right away and we began the process of working with my lawyer and his team.  We are hoping things go well and that we can get this worked out as easily as possible.