Needing to Find a Spine Surgeon

My husband is a teacher and spends most of this time on his feet all day.  He has begun to develop some serious pain in his back.  Now we have began the process of searching for Spine Surgeons in our area.  We never thought that this was something that we would need to do for him.  He has always been very healthy but recently things have started to look different.  He was in so much pain that he finally decided to go see a doctor.  We had not realized the severity of the damage to his spinal cord until his initial appointment.  My husband’s quality of life was quickly deteriorating.  That is when his doctor recommended that we look into several options for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.  We were not previously aware that this was even an option so we were thankful for the possibility.  We continued with our search and research of options for his surgery and quickly settled on a doctor and a clinic for his procedure.  We were so thankful that there were even options to choose from, but even more thankful for the final option we chose and the doctor who is going to perform the procedure itself.  We know that my husband has so much more of his life to live.  He wants to continue on teaching for several years to come.  We have so many plans for our future that will depend on his back being healthy again.  For now, our plan is to get him on the road to recovery so our future is a possibility.

Our Old Vacuum Finally Died

My sister just hosted a birthday party for her three year old twins. Those girls are the cutest and of course all their little friends are adorable as well.  Originally she had planned to put all the kids in the basement for the party in hopes that it would be easier to clean up after the chaos had ended.  She had everything ready to go until three days before the party.  She walked downstairs to find that the pipe from the basement sink had been leaking and had left a huge mess all over the basement floor.  They called in for repairs immediately but knew they could not have the birthday party down there anymore.  At that point the changed plans for the party and quickly invested in one of those carpet cleaning vacuum cleaners.  I think they knew that the carpet downstairs would need it, but that it would also be necessary for their upstairs carpet.  They were right.  As much as they tried to keep the birthday mess contained there was really no stopping the fun of birthday cake, drinks, party favors and confetti.  The party turned out great but the mess was a sight be seen.  I was so proud of my sister and the way she handled all of it with such grace and calm.  Maybe it has something to do with having raised three year old twins and making it to this point.  Or maybe she has a hidden super power at staying calm in the midst of chaos.  Either way, I think she knew the party would be worth it and the mess was only temporary.  Or maybe it was because she now had a new vacuum cleaner that she knew could handle the leftover birthday mess.

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Following a Family Heritage

Guns have always been a part of my family.  My grandfather made sure my dad was comfortable guns.  While growing up on the farm my grandfather trained my dad to care for and to shoot rifles, shotguns, and handguns.  My dad loved it so much that he competed as a target shooter.  He was very good and he loved it so much.  My oldest memories of my dad where of watching him shoot on the weekends and spending time with him at the range as he taught me to shoot.  Those were great days.  It’s been a decade since he passed away from a heart attack.  Since his passing I have not spent too much time shooting myself.  A little while back my grandfather sent me a special package.  It was my dad’s gun from when he was a young man.  It was such a treat to have it as a family heirloom.  The gift inspired me to get back into the world that I and my family loved for so many years.  I decided to search for guns for sale.  I was pleased to find a special place that offered so many handguns for sale.  I’ll never be able to bring my dad back, but I can always remember the great times and talks we had while we were at the range practicing for the next competition.  I just hope that my son will come to love shooting the way I did.  Not just because of the firearms but for the times we get to spend together.

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Pregnancy and Back Pain

I have faced back pain for a number of years.  I had been in a small fender bender a few years ago and am just now facing the effects of it.  I had seen a doctor at the time, but there were only  a few minor adjustments that I needed back then.  Every once in awhile I would notice some pain or discomfort, but the most part I had been fine.  And then I got pregnant.  About half way through my pregnancy I began to feel more back pain than I had ever experienced.  I was afraid to do too much back work during my pregnancy and quite honestly, I was really busy with all the baby preparations and trying to prepare for my maternity leave.  I made the unconscious decision to wait and take care of my back after the baby was born.  In the midst of all the newborn baby joys and exhaustion the thought of my back seemed to fall off my radar.  Now that I’ve come out of the haze of being the mom of a newborn, I finally feel ready to take care of the issues going on with my back.  I called a Parker chiropractic office and found out some more information.  I was able to book an appointment for the chiropractor Highlands Ranch location.  While I have a hard time remembering to take care of myself these days, I can also see how it is extremely important right now.  I know that I will be better at taking care of my baby if I also learn to take care of myself.  Besides, I want to make sure my back is in good shape by the time I have a little toddler to run around with.

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Church Gets an Upgrade

We attend a very old country church that is housed in a historic building.  It has seen several renovations over the years but some of it has been very limited.  There have been additions that have increased its size and availability for many of the parishioners.  It has been updated and cleaned and is often photographed by history buffs in the region.  It is really a joy for us to attend there.  We continue to learn new things about our community and the work it has done to make this church accessible in so many ways.  Our current issue at hand is our need for more handicap access than we are currently able to offer.  Because of the historic regulations on the main part of the church, we are unable to install an elevator nearest the main sanctuary entrance.  There is another entrance that has wheelchair access but it is often inconvenient for those that do not want to travel around the building to enter.  Recently someone suggested that we look into stairlifts as an option for that entrance.  We were not sure how that suggestion would be received so we began to ask various older members of our congregation.  Several of them were very interested and one even said they had their own stair lift at home.  A few of us on the committee took a field trip to his house and indeed found it to be a strong possibility for our church.  We are excited about what we may soon be able to offer our congregation for added access to our building.

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Old Football Stories and Injuries

My grandfather was recently inducted into a football hall of fame in which he received all sorts of accolades and honors.  It was a great night for our family.  My grandfather had not only played football in high school and college but he had also been a very successful high school football coach.  Our family was very honored to see a number of his former football players in attendance, some more than thirty or forty years after playing for him.  It was an eventful night that no one in our family is soon to forget.  It was fun to hear all of the stories from the men about their high school football glory days.  They had one story after another about this play, that opposing team, that one great pass, and that incredible tackle.  The conversation inevitably turned to old injuries as the guys discussed Denver pain management They had various tips and treasures about how they were each dealing with their various injuries.  Most common were stories or back pain, bad knees, and shoulder replacements.  A few of them had found some successful treatment from pain management Denver and were quick to pass along information and phone numbers.  We’re hoping my grandpa will be the next in line to get his injuries taken care of as well.
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My Peak Performance

Every time the Olympics start I get inspired to workout.  I’m sure this is typical response for some that see and appreciate the world’s finest at the peak of their physical and mental abilities.  This year I’m really interested in the swimming events.  I’m so inspired by this that I got some swimming goggles.  I’ve been to my gym which has a great pool and I’ve swam some laps.  Believe me when I saw I’m a far cry from the like of those representing their countries in this year’s games.  So much so that after a few hard laps I thought my chest was going to explode.  I’m not terribly out of shape but I have started smoking occasionally over the last couple of years.  Okay, it’s probably more regular than occasional if I’m being honest.  What can I say, I like it.  However if I’m going to get my lungs up and running the way they used to I probably need to find an alternative.  That’s why I’ve been researching smokeless cigarettes.  They are also known as the electronic cigarette.  They deliver the same satisfaction of a real cigarette without the smoke.  I’m hoping with a little change in my habit and little exercise I can continue to be inspired to achieve my own peak of performance.  
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