Twenty-one and over club: Blackhawk entertainment

I love being twenty-one. I love being able to walk into a restaurant and know that I can order WHATEVER I want on the menu (well at least legally, though maybe not financially, but you get my point). I can go into any grocery store or liquor store and fell completely at ease with the fact that I am legally allowed to be there and purchase items. It is such a great feeling!! And, I think my other favorite part is being able to go up to the Blackhawk hotels and gamble! I am not a huge gambler; in fact, the whole idea about possibly losing your hard-earned money really worries me, but it is fun to be able to gamble.

I personally like going up to the Blackhawk restaurants because it is a little resort with great food and it is really close to Denver. I can dine at four and five star restaurants without having to fly to a big city or spend outrageous amounts of money on the trip to eat there. I also like being able to relax at the spas up in Blackhawk. The views are absolutely phenomenal and I still feel like I took a mini-vacation but I didn’t leave the state.

Also, as a newest member into the over twenty-one team, I love being able to pamper my girlfriends that are about to turn twenty-one without having to go to Vegas. It is very exciting to be able to save some money on a fun trip or two up to the Blackhawk hotels for a weekend.

blackhawk entertainment

Too many kids have allergies and need to eat gluten free wraps

There is seriously something in our water supply or in our environment. There are way too many kids nowadays with health issues. I don’t remember having any kids in my elementary with these same issues as the kids today. I am serious. Think back to ten or fifteen years ago, did any of your classmates have serious health issues? And if they did, what was the size of your class?

gluten free tortillasI was babysitting my neighbor’s kids the other day and I swear that these poor kids have the weirdest problems. One of the little girls, she is about nine years old, is lactose-intolerant and cannot eat nuts. The other girl, about seven years old, has a severe gluten allergy. Their poor parents have to deal with a kid that cannot eat milk products and the other cannot eat anything with gluten (which is everything a babysitter knows how to make). I eventually made each of them gluten free turkey wraps and let them watch cartoons.

The weird thing is that neither of the parents have food allergies; in fact, they are both as healthy as a horse. So, why do their kids have such crazy allergies? Is it something in the food? Too many hormones in the meat or something? Are the gluten free tortillas actually encouraging a gluten-free dependency? To explain, because they aren’t eating milk products and gluten, are their bodies just not used to it and therefore cannot digest it? Do they need to get immune to milk products and gluten? Who knows? GAH! My brain hurts.

Growing business needs more trust

As a small business owner, it is important for me to trust my employees. I mean, as any type of business owner, it is important to trust my employees, but especially when I own and operate my business with a select few. I have exactly eight employees for my business. We are very small, but we are a growing company. And, as such, I need to know that I can count of my employees to work together to better the company.

Since we are expanding our company, I asked my nephew to come in a few days a week and set up an application website for potential employees. My nephew Bobby just graduated from college with a business degree, so I try to get him to help me as much as I can. On our application website, we have an employee assessment form that each applicant must fill out before being considered for a position. If they choose not to take it, then I don’t even consider their resume.

interview trainingAdditionally, Bobby added some educational materials for our potential employees. He added different articles from the Wall Street Journal about working with small businesses and how to plan for different events in one’s life. However, I think my favorite part about the entire website is the online interview training series that Bobby and his friends created in college. Basically, the interview training is a series of videos on helpful tips to ace and interview. It was pretty smart and I liked how useful the information is. Hopefully, this new website will bring in some qualified employees to my growing business.

Why did I decide to get a fixer-upper?

I want to kill my husband. Well, not literally, but he is driving me insane and I’ve about lost all of my patience with him.

Maybe I just need to count to ten.

Let me explain my frustration. It all started about three months ago when my husband and I were looking to move out of our apartment and into a family home. I didn’t mind spending a little extra in our budget for a home that was move in ready, but John couldn’t stand the thought of buying a home that didn’t have everything that was on his wish list. As a result, we settled on getting a fixer-upper.

Honestly, I wasn’t upset about our decision to get a fixer-upper because I saw the potential in buying a cheap house and making it individualized. We were about halfway done with the renovation when I hit my breaking point.

water in basementAbout halfway through our reno there was a huge rainstorm that completely flooded the basement. I was in such a state of shock that I did not know what to do. The water in basement was so upsetting that I literally had to leave the home. So while my husband was in charge of the flood cleanup, I was reading my book in Starbucks.

But that’s not the worst of it. Apparently this damage will end up costing up a huge chunk of money, which further stresses me out because we have already maxed out our ideal budget. I just can’t wait for this renovation to be over.

A quick summary on green tea

it is hard to deny the positive health benefits of green tea especially those related to green tea weight loss. So in case you didn’t know, there are a ton of studies out there where scientists are trying to find the actually benefits of green tea on someone’s weight.

Here’s what they found so far:

A Dutch study divided participants in three groups: caffeinated green tea drinkers, non-caffeinated green tea drinkers, and placebo. They found that the participants in the first group lost the most weight on average over the course of the study. They found that people who drank the non-caffeinated drink also reduced their waistline size and their body weight.

Scientists in Japan conducted another three month study. Here, they used two hundred and forty Japanese men and women as test subjects. Each participant was given varying amounts of green tea extract throughout the day. They found that the participants who drank the highest concentration of green tea extract lost the most fat and weight out of all of the test subjects. That same group of people were also tested with lower blood pressure and a lower ‘bad’ cholesterol count than they had at the beginning of the study.

Likewise, a study in the United States found that men who drank a combined beverage of green tea extract and caffeine burned more calories per day than a group with just caffeine and a placebo group.

While studies vary in how they test the effects of green tea, it is possible to suggest that green tea does in fact help with weight loss.

A brief history of green tea

The history of green tea is actually quite interesting. The consumption of green tea in China began more than 4,000 years ago. Back then, the Chinese found that there were many green tea benefits, such as eliminating headaches and aiding with digestion. Green tea was used for medicinal purposes as well as a traditional beverage. In many parts of Asia, different cultures throughout history used green tea to heal wounds, bleeding, and to regulate the body’s blood sugar and temperature.

In fact, there was even a book in 600-900 CE about how one should prepare and drink a cup of green tea properly. This is very important because it explains that while there was research on green tea then. However, what is more important is that the different cultures valued green tea so much to want to preserve its history in a book.

Even in 1121 C.E. there were books about the health benefits of drinking green tea. Author Eisai, a Zen priest, described how green tea could be used to cure certain diseases, hangovers, and infections. Similarly, he continues to describe how green tea could be used as a stimulant to improve digestion, urinary and brain functions. This is very interesting because the impact of green tea was so important to healers and priests that they had to write about it. Without these primary documents, we might not know the rich history and impact of green tea in Asia and how it became increasingly popular around the world. Who knew that such a drink is as rich in nutrients as it is in history?